#1ACD JR Italy 2017 All Systems
#2 JR Herding Group Italy 2017
#1 Top Pointed ACD Italy 2017 All Systems

#1 ACD JR San Marino 2017
Italian Junior Champion (x3 +90 pnts)
Monte Carlo Junior Champion

San Marino Junior Champion

Mediterranean Junior Winner 2017

Junior 4 Rivers Winner 2017

Lazio Winner 2017

Roma Winner 2017






IDS Best Of Group Winner x 3

All-Breeds Junior BEST IN SHOW Winner x 4
Multiple All-Breeds BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Placer
GROUP R-UP from Junior Class
Multiple PUPPY OF BREED Winner
Multiple JUNIOR OF BREED Winner

JUNIOR OF BREED in Specialty Winner
Cruft's Qualify for 2018 (*3)



13 Months Old



Breeder: Francesco Bianchi, Monte Tonico kennel xxxx Sex: Male
Owner: Flora Mc Keown (AUS) Queblue kennel   Sire: CH WWx3 CW Queblue Aussie Icon
Exported: Australia   Dam: CH CW Queblue Double D Legacy
Date of birth: July 17th, 2016   Test: BAER Normal +/+, HD A/A, ED 0/0, Spondy clear (sept. '17), PRA Clear (Obligate)



11 Months Old




IDS = International Dog Show; NDS = National Dog Show; CS = Club Show

05/05/2018 Australia   BOB, Intermediate in Group, GROUP-2nd, 36pnts
11/11/2017 IDS Varese (I) Insubria W. Marit Sunde + F. Cochetti (I) 1st Exc 5pnts, JBOB, BOS, JBIS 1°, 3rd time IT J CH (90pnts)
02/11/2017 IDS Desio (I) Gusti Ionescu (ROM) 1st Exc 5pnts, JBOB, BOB
24/10/2017 IDS Roma (I) Gerard Jipping (NL) 1st Exc CAC CACIB BOB
08/09/2017 IDS Bergamo (I) Michael Forte (IRL) 1st Exc 5pnts, JBOB, BOB
07/09/2017 NDS Lecco (i) Guido Vandoni (I) 1st Exc 3pnts, JBOB, BOB, BOG 1st
17/09/2017 IDS Roma (I) Robert Schill (ROM) 1st Exc 5pnts, JBOB, BOB, Lazio Winner
16/09/2017 IDS Frosinone (I) Pietro Marino (I) + G. Fulgenzi (I) 1st Exc 5pnts, JBOB, BOB, BOG 2nd
10/09/2017 IDS Karlovac (HR) Francesco Cochetti (I) + Christian Stefanuescu (ROM) 1st Exc, JBOB, BOB, BOG 2nd, JBIS 1st, 4 Rivers Jr Winner
09/09/2017 IDS Karlovac (HR) Brigita Kremser (SLO) + Francesco Cochetti (I) 1st Exc, JBOB, BOB, BOG 1st
14/08/2017 IDS Gradisca d'Isonzo (I) Pierluigi Buratti (I) + Davor Javor (HR/CAN) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB, BOG 2nd
13/08/2017 IDS Trieste (I) Vojislav Al Daghistani (ROM) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB 2nd time IT JR CH (64pnts)
30/07/2017 IDS Torino (I) Giancarlo Sambucco (I) + Adriana Griffa (I) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB, BOG 3rd
29/07/2017 NDS Alba (I) Adriana Griffa (I) 1st Exc, 3pnts, JBOB, BOB
28/07/2017 NDS Cundeo (I) Pietro Paolo Condō (I) 1st Exc, 3pnts, JBOB, BOB
02/07/2017 IDS Torino (I) Rachlin (ISR) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB
01/07/2017 IDS Ivrea (I) Castell Ladosa (P) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB
25/06/2017 IDS Orvieto (I) Francesco Balducci (I) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB
24/06/2017 IDS Terni (I) Nicola Imbimbo (I) & Alberto Cuccillato (I) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, JR BIS 2nd, IT Jr Champion 33pnts
17/06/2017 IDS Mediterranean Winner Jhon Walsh (IRL) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB BOG 2nd
16/06/2017 IDS Specialty Milan (I) Tamas Jakkel (H) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, Cruft's Qualify 2018
20/05/2017 IDS San Marino (RSM) Jorge Hindse (DK) 1st Exc, JBOB, San Marino Jr Ch, Cruft's Qualify, Jr BOG 3rd
19/05/2017 IDS San Marino (RSM) Des Manton (IRL) 1st Exc, JBOB, BOB
13/05/2017 IDS Riva del Garda (I) Manola Poggesi (I, breed & JBIS) & G, Sambucco (Group) 1st Exc, 5pnts, JBOB, BOB, Jr BOG, 1BOG
06/05/2017 IDS Monte Carlo (MC) Jean Paul Kerihuel (FR), Boris Spoljaric 1st Exc, JBOB, Monte Carlo Jr. Champion, JR BIS 2nd
01/05/2017 IDS Alessandria (I) Annukka Paloheimo (FIN), Michael Leonard (IRL) 1st Exc, 5 pnts GPE, JBOB, JR BIS 1°
30/04/2017 NDS Novara (I) M. Leonard (IRL), Annukka Paloheimo (FIN), G. Bauchal (I) 1st Exc, 3 pnts GPE, JBOB, JR BIS 1°, JR BOG 2nd
22/04/2017 IDS Forlė (I) Amedeo Bottero (I) 1st Exc, 5 pnts GPE, JBOB
09/04/2017 IDS Luxembourgh (LUX) De Ridder (B) 1st VP, PBOB, Cruft's Qualify 2018
19/03/2017 IDS Parma (I) ... 1st VP, PBOB, PBIS 3rd
18/03/2017 IDS Parma (I)  Bill Shelton (USA) 1st VP, PBOB, PBIS 3rd
17/03/2017 IDS Piacenza (I)  A. dle Castillo (E) 1st VP, PBOB, not showned in Puppy BIS
04/03/2017 IDS Gonzaga (I)  ... 1st VP, PBOB, PBIS 3rd
18/02/2017 IDS Ancona (I)  Rafael De Santiago (PT) + O. Zilli (I) 1st VP, PBOB, PBIS 2nd



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