NEWS 2019


January 2019


Neena has been successfully showned at the Philippine Circuit

gaining some prestigious results as follow: Philippine Ch,

Philippine Grand Ch., Southest Asia Champion, Philippine Winner,

Asia and Pacific Champion, Cruft's Qualified for 2020, two Group Placements


Monte Tonico's 2018ís highlights

NUMBER ONE ACD in Italy for the 3rd year in a row

with 3 different dogs (all home-bred)

NUMBER TWO Herding Dog in Italy
BOB & BOS Adult and BOB & BOS Puppy

at the European Dog Show (all home-bred)

Honor ring placements at both WDS and EDS (all home-bred)

28 Show Titles in Europe in 14 different countries,

Australia, America and Brazil (all home-bred)

Itís not about a single top dog, itís about a breeding program

that bring us a good number of great dogs

in a very small number of litters! (1 litter in 2018, 2 litters in 2017


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